Helicopter Tours in Fiji

A helicopter tour is an adventurous and unique way to be transported throughout Fiji and explore the islands. You can see sights, such as beaches and mountains, from an aerial point of view that you would not be able to access with a car, all while simply sitting back and relaxing comfortably in a modern turbine-powered helicopter.


There are many areas in Fiji that you can fly over for a beautiful aerial view. You can see the picturesque Sleeping Giant Mountains, Mount Evans Ranges and Nadi Bay in the town of Nadi, along with vast rainforests, flowing rivers and waterfalls. When flying over the Mamanuca Islands, you can see secluded islands, pristine beaches and even famous resorts.

There are various unique and lovely sights on Fiji’s many tropical islands, from the clear blue ocean to the sandy beaches to mountain ranges. It is said that you cannot fully appreciate the beauty of these areas and structures until you view them from above.


Many helicopter rides in Fiji usually cost around US$55 per person, though tour companies will offer special deals throughout the year. Whether you want a 10-minute or a 35-minute flight, you can choose how long you want your tour to be.

The weight limit per person varies from company to company, but on average the limit is 250 pounds (113 kg).


Besides tours, you can also use a helicopter as a unique and quick method of transportation in Fiji. You can be transported directly from the Nadi International Airport to your hotel or resort in minutes. You can also use a helicopter to fly to different island groups, all while enjoying a gorgeous view along the way.