Kayaking in Fiji

fiji kayakingKayaking is one of the fastest growing activities in Fiji. Whether you choose sea or river kayaking, you are sure to have a fun and memorable experience as you take in the gorgeous surroundings around you, plus it is an excellent form of exercise as well. You can also carry out your kayaking adventures through various tours and resorts.

Fiji Sea Kayaking

fiji sea kayakingWhile sea kayaking in Fiji, you can see sights such as lush rainforests, local villages, cascading waterfalls, hot springs, coral reefs and the many other forms of marine life that reside in these waters. The Koro Sun Lagoon, located on the island of Vanua Levu, is one great location to experience sea kayaking, as the sights are beautiful both above and underwater. Besides kayaking, you can also snorkel in these lovely waters and see its magnificent underwater environment up close, which consist of corals, colorful tropical fish and other wide variety of sea life.

Fiji River Kayaking

River kayaking is great for both those who want to experience some whitewater action or those who simply want to take a calm and peaceful journey through the water. As with sea kayaking, you can see local villages and some gorgeous natural sights while kayaking down a river. A few rivers in Fiji that are great for kayaking include the Navua and Wainikoroiluva.

Fiji Kayaking Tours

While on a sea or river kayaking tour in Fiji, you can experience the beautiful sights and various forms of unique land and marine life above and underwater, go inside spectacular limestone caves and even meet local villagers and stay overnight in the quaint, traditional Fijian villages.
Fiji kayaking tours are mostly found through touring companies and offer single or double kayaks, along with all other gear that is needed for the tour. You can find out more about kayaking tours when booking your visit to Fiji or while at your resort or hotel. Be sure to make your reservation in advance, as the number of people that are permitted on a tour is limited.


Most beachfront resorts in Fiji offer kayaks to their guests, and several offer kayaking trips as well. The Koro Sun Resort, Matangi Island Resort off of Taveuni and Nanuya Island Resort on the Yasawa Islands are some of the Fijian resorts where you can experience a fantastic kayaking adventure.