Fiji Real Estate

Fijian property law is unique and often times misunderstood. Five-sixths of all land in Fiji is owned by indigenous Fijians and can only be leased, rather than bought outright. This may make it seem as if owning property in Fiji is virtually impossible, but houses that are built on communally owned land are generally on a 99-year lease, which usually provides adequate conditions and length of time for people to technically own their houses. And, in fact, property development companies, such as the lauded Denarau Real Estate, which builds luxury hotels and resorts on communally owned land, have helped to generate substantial income for landowning Fijians and secure titles for building owners.

Rent a home in Fiji

Long-term visitors to Fiji who are looking to rent a home or a flat will be pleased by their range of options. Some real estate companies list a private room in a large seaside house in Nadi for $F150 a month, a 3-bedroom seaside cottage in Savusau for $F800 a month, and a 4-bedroom, fully-furnished, riverside villa at Pacific Harbour for $F2,300 a month. Rentals on the mainland, Viti Levu, tend to be more pricey than rentals on the smaller islands, and property in the metropolitan area of Suva, especially, can be on the higher end. Renters looking to avoid a broker’s fee can pay at monthly fee to access the plentiful listings on

Investment property in Fiji

For those who are either making a long-term move to Fiji or are interested in owning investment property, 8% of all land in Fiji is freehold property, which is available for purchase. This means that expats can own land rather than simply lease it. Freehold land can consist of retirement villas, vacant lots, prime beachfront property, or even an entire island! Freehold land is scarce, though, and as demand far outweighs supply, land is sold at a premium. A quarter acre plot can go for around $F100,000 in Nadi and for around $F70,000 in Suva. A three-bedroom concrete house may cost around $F250,000.

Fiji real estate companies

Many real estate companies are easily accessible through an Internet search, and one such noted company is Ki-Maren Limited, which has been the leading Real Estate Agent for the past 22 years in Savusau, where a good number of expats have purchased homes. Ki-Maren specializes in the eastern and northern provinces in Fiji. Those interested in commercial properties or very high-end real estate might contact the aforementioned Denarau Real Estate company.